“Joy” Himself: A Reflection for the Third Week of Advent

Atty./Bro. Bobby Quitain

My singing career had an unlikely breakthrough when I was in high school.

I became part of a group and we became the amazing singing sensation jumping from one gig to the next. Our calendar was full and we were in demand. But our gigs were not in clubs or bars. They were not in auditoriums or concert stadiums.

They were in wakes.

Yes, you see it right.


I still remember how our big break came when during a relative’s wake and funeral, we rendered one sentimental song after another bringing everyone to tears. Boy, were we proud. We were the “Imelda Papin” (in case some of you reading this still know the famous singer) of the “death genre” (I made that up!). Our measure of success was the number of people who cried after we sing our songs. Morbid, eh?

But our glory was short-lived. Before we can even begin to plan our “concert tour”, I had to leave…

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No growth! Dangerous!

All or Nothing?
Wanting nothing is more dangerous! One is no longer motivated by anything or anyone. No growth. No accomplishments.No contributions to society. Stagnant! Unthinkable place or situation to be in!


In response to The Daily Post’s weekly writing challenge: “Countdown.”

Something new happened to me this last two months. Thanks to the following:

BO SANCHEZ which led me to

JOMAR HILARIO  which led me to

WORDPRESS from which I am learning:






I LOVE MATHEMATICS(AKA Be Good at the Basics)

Well it was not exactly “love math at first sight” , rather it more of “hate math at the beginning”.You see back in grade school (around late “60s” and early “70s”) I was poor in math. The only thing poorer was my penmanship, but that’s another story!
I only survived grade school because of finger counting for addition and subtraction.For multiplication and subtraction I relied on stick drawing and most of the time used the back of my test paper as scratch.
When i was in second year high school , we had two math subjects Algebra and Consumers Math. AAAHHHH….One of the dreaded subjects – ALGEBRA …However I found that out that I understand the concepts, the principles, the rules  I studied and after one grading period ,I passed it with above average grade. And what of the other math subject ? I flunked it.

Everybody were surprised!  HOW come i passed the hard subject and flunk an easy subject. A subject which deals only with money ,interest rates and principal.  I myself was even surprised.

A few days later my elder brother figure it out. He told me that passed Algebra because i understand the rules and is good at analysis but i pretty bad in basic  multiplication and division. He also told me that if i worked on the four and continue to develop my analytic skill i can become an engineer in the future.

So i work on the four basics and true enough i had above average grade in all my succeeding math subjects in
high school . Thise eventually allowed me to take Engineering in college.



Three Saturdays ago, I had a breakfast with old friends. Literally and figuratively “Old” friends. What i thought would be just a two hour breakfast, turned out to be a four hour one. After eating we just talked, shared jokes told stories of whats been happening in our lives. We promised to meet regularly in the coming months and continue the bond of friendship.
10376149_10204501272203282_8371646018516799862_n (1)

Later that evening i had another “reunion” with another set of old friends. One of us now living in Seattle came in for a visit. After dinner, just like my first set of friends , jokes where shared and seemingly endless stories where told. Just like the first set of friends , they were a good company.

Sunday was worship time. During that time there where two young girls seating right in front of me. They were may five or six years old and very obviously close friends. They were sometimes talking , sometimes giggling, sometimes silent, obviously sharing deep friendship. I was not disturb by this it made me smile. Why? Because they remind me of my two sets of friends and i prayed that their bond of friendship would last a life time. And i Thank GOD for the gift of friends in my life!

How about you ?

A Quick Update On Pastor Behnam Irani

Please pry for Pastor Behnam Irani and his family.

Rach's Thoughts

From Present Truth Ministries (http://presenttruthmn.com/blog/iran/appeal-pending-for-pastor-behnam-irani/):

“In September the Iranian Revolutionary Court handed down an additional six year prison sentence for Pastor Behnam Irani, of Karaj, Iran. This is for the same crime that he is currently serving a prison sentence of five years (six years in total with two separate sentences). If the appeal is rejected this sentence will take him to a very dangerous prison near the Afghan and Pakistani border 45 hours away from Karaj by bus.

Though the current situation seems bleak our sources are reporting that the faith of the pastor and his family remain strong. They have committed themselves to God trusting that he will grant them peace and strength to go through any trial for the name of Jesus Christ.

Their lives are truly an inspiration to all of us and their story is one that should be told around the world.”

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Rice Cakes!


I love having my summer vacation in the province of my parents as a kid . You see they both came from  neighboring towns in Quezon Province, Philippines. My mother came from Lucban ( LOOK-BAN) and my father from Tayabas ( TIE – YAH- BUS). Both have cool rainy climates, lots of fresh water rivers where as kids my cousins and i would swim hours.  After which we would eat  noodles , rice cakes and other local foods. If not swimming,  we would  just be playing games or just strolling around town.  Hey what is Summer Vacation , without those things?  I particularly like the times spent with my maternal  grand mother.  Her business was selling rice cakes . Well she cooks them then let others sell them. After each batch she would direct us to clean the tray and the utensils used for cooking the cakes. After our task is done she would pay us either in kind (Rice cakes) or in cash. Actually in cents! But it does not matter, we enjoy doing the work. It is not everyday that you go to vacation and still get paid!

I cherish those days! I will always remember them!

The Secret Keepers

Hi Karen,
It is really hard to tell a secret specially something like sexual , physical and verbal. Thanks for sharing this . And thank you including the links to the resources.
God Bless

Mended Musings


I’m going to do something I’ve never done before. I’m going to ask you to share this post. Reblog it, share it on Facebook, tweet it. Someone out there needs to hear this message today. Even if you think you don’t know anyone who has been abused. Even if you don’t read the entire post.

About a month ago I was asked by Dawn at WTF words, thoughts, feelings to contribute an essay for an anthology that she and Joyelle are creating for parents who are survivors of childhood sexual and physical abuse (learn more at https://www.facebook.com/TriggerPointsAnthology).

I submitted my essay but I also want to shine a bigger spotlight on this project because I fear that they may not get many submissions. Not because it’s not a worthy cause or because there aren’t enough people out there to contribute but because survivors of abuse are secret…

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