I LOVE MATHEMATICS(AKA Be Good at the Basics)

Well it was not exactly “love math at first sight” , rather it more of “hate math at the beginning”.You see back in grade school (around late “60s” and early “70s”) I was poor in math. The only thing poorer was my penmanship, but that’s another story!
I only survived grade school because of finger counting for addition and subtraction.For multiplication and subtraction I relied on stick drawing and most of the time used the back of my test paper as scratch.
When i was in second year high school , we had two math subjects Algebra and Consumers Math. AAAHHHH….One of the dreaded subjects – ALGEBRA …However I found that out that I understand the concepts, the principles, the rules  I studied and after one grading period ,I passed it with above average grade. And what of the other math subject ? I flunked it.

Everybody were surprised!  HOW come i passed the hard subject and flunk an easy subject. A subject which deals only with money ,interest rates and principal.  I myself was even surprised.

A few days later my elder brother figure it out. He told me that passed Algebra because i understand the rules and is good at analysis but i pretty bad in basic  multiplication and division. He also told me that if i worked on the four and continue to develop my analytic skill i can become an engineer in the future.

So i work on the four basics and true enough i had above average grade in all my succeeding math subjects in
high school . Thise eventually allowed me to take Engineering in college.



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