Three Saturdays ago, I had a breakfast with old friends. Literally and figuratively “Old” friends. What i thought would be just a two hour breakfast, turned out to be a four hour one. After eating we just talked, shared jokes told stories of whats been happening in our lives. We promised to meet regularly in the coming months and continue the bond of friendship.
10376149_10204501272203282_8371646018516799862_n (1)

Later that evening i had another “reunion” with another set of old friends. One of us now living in Seattle came in for a visit. After dinner, just like my first set of friends , jokes where shared and seemingly endless stories where told. Just like the first set of friends , they were a good company.

Sunday was worship time. During that time there where two young girls seating right in front of me. They were may five or six years old and very obviously close friends. They were sometimes talking , sometimes giggling, sometimes silent, obviously sharing deep friendship. I was not disturb by this it made me smile. Why? Because they remind me of my two sets of friends and i prayed that their bond of friendship would last a life time. And i Thank GOD for the gift of friends in my life!

How about you ?


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