Rice Cakes!


I love having my summer vacation in the province of my parents as a kid . You see they both came from  neighboring towns in Quezon Province, Philippines. My mother came from Lucban ( LOOK-BAN) and my father from Tayabas ( TIE – YAH- BUS). Both have cool rainy climates, lots of fresh water rivers where as kids my cousins and i would swim hours.  After which we would eat  noodles , rice cakes and other local foods. If not swimming,  we would  just be playing games or just strolling around town.  Hey what is Summer Vacation , without those things?  I particularly like the times spent with my maternal  grand mother.  Her business was selling rice cakes . Well she cooks them then let others sell them. After each batch she would direct us to clean the tray and the utensils used for cooking the cakes. After our task is done she would pay us either in kind (Rice cakes) or in cash. Actually in cents! But it does not matter, we enjoy doing the work. It is not everyday that you go to vacation and still get paid!

I cherish those days! I will always remember them!


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