Salute !

62085968946b5eff2fcde433f88a8724My father was around 16 or 17 years old when the second world war broke. Being young and never been trained in the ” Reserve Corps” , he was not drafted in the regular army. When the Philippines was  occupied by the enemy, he decided  to join the underground guerrilla movement. He and his brothers where drafted there.

He told us of nights that his group would spend walking in the jungle with banana as their food. This they would have to cook at night so that the enemy’s fighter jets will not see the smoke. He told stories of nights that they could not sleep soundly because of mosquitoes buzzing about.  Or not sleeping at all  because  of the rains and winds generated by a storm. He told us of meeting a man , eloquent and learned. He was honest to say that he would almost pissed in his pants in one encounter with the enemy. This he told us , all four brothers and a sister.

Times have changed. The the enemy had become a friend, The eloquent, learned man, at one time became the President of my country.

Some years ago mother and father went to US – Hawaii planning to reside there. But is was  cut short because cancer.In the end, he died here. His birthplace, the land he defended and would have died for if needed. He and others like him was not in the regular army but he was a veteran through  and through. SALUTE TO ALL VETERANS !





  1. Kat

    I know that there are many veterans who never talked about their experiences. I can respect for that they prefer keep it private. I’m thankful for them. I’m also thankful for people like your father who told their stories so that they can be shared for future generations.


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