In between post

Task to do. Reports to submit.Meetings to
attend to. Emails to respond to and emails to send.

So whats new? Been there done that! Those are the things i have
done in my work, my job or rather in my business. Whats the difference
between now and then ? The difference now is
is in between those prioritize activities, i find time to organized
my thoughts and come up mini topics for my posts. it is challenging
and rewarding experience at the same time.

Like now, there is a bit of lull in the office. I can squeeze in
some time to do this portion of my post. I’ll continue or revise this
later on or tomorrow then post it. Also i make it a point to update or study how to
update my blog site at least 3 x a week . The site is really in continuous
revision. This has been my “routine” since last week.

Don’t get me wrong ? I am enjoying this! This is something i found out that
i want to do, To stick to my goals and do it. For now , i would stick to the
posting two times a week , try to finish my ” unfinished’ assignments in
Blogging 201, reading and commenting my fellow 201 bloggers , and update, update
my blog site.



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