Reading Anyone?


Early on in my second grade , I decided to study and do answer assignment on my own. Why? Because, I always have to wait for my parents to help me in my assignments. Since they were both working we can only do the assignments after dinner. That means good bye watching television! Doing the assignment first would give me time to watch TV. Quite a motivation right!

For this “Homework” we were required to read a story in the our book , look for the meaning of eight words and answer the questions at the end of the story. For me this was really “HomeWORK” because during that time, I have no problems with reading but I have difficulty looking for the meaning of words in a dictionary.

Of the eight words , I only found four. Of course its somewhere there but i cant seem find them! After a few more tries , I stopped and just answered the questions. After finishing them all i went back to the remaining words.
Still cant find them , so I quit. Just sat there just browsing the book, thinking i will not be able to watch TV that night.Browsing almost up to the end of the book, I came to a section entitled ” Glossary of words”. WOW!!! It was some sort of a mini-dictionary and guess what, I FOUND THE MEANING OF THE REMAINING WORDS THERE!

Finding that glossary has big effect on me it allowed me to gradually gain
“expertise” in using the dictionary at a young age. This in turn help me in developed my reading habit.


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