Goals, Focus, Do

Hi to this batch of Blogging 201!  First time to do this but really excited and raring to go!
Let see, I decided to blog so that i can connect with other people. To share insights, experiences, funny moments,
serious moments, life in general. I believe all of us have a lot to share.

Publish two times a week starting this month and onwards.
To read daily atleast two post from my this “class” and comment , follow and courage.
Have an editorial calendar for the next two months by October 29, 2014.
Publish post from respected guest at least once a week.

Thanks for reading.



  1. ngobesingromanus

    I love your goals. Very clear and inspiring. It shows that you know where you are going; that you know what you want.When you know where you are going and you set out for it with determination and never turn back you will get there. The universe is your only limit. I do wish you the best on your blogging journey. Count on me to journey with you. Thanks for the reblog. It means much to me. Keep on building an excellent blog.


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